Kate Middleton: Waity Katy

Catherine “Kate” Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge was called Waity Katy because she waited 10 years for Prince William to pop the proposal question which she, of course, accepted because we know that they are already married. People say that she does not have ambition and that she just waited for the marriage proposal. She did work as a fashion buyer once but did not really make any efforts to prove that she would become a nice princess material, except that of course, she “looks like a princess.”

Anyway, I don’t have a problem with the waiting part. I also waited for 7 years until Dennis finally asked me to marry him. So if you really love somebody, waiting should not be problem, especially that Prince William and Kate are obviously in love with each other.

And well, Kate’s waiting paid off because she is already Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Cambridge. She is wearing designer clothes, including the $400,000 wedding dress, branded shoes, and is traveling all over with all the perks on taxpayers’ money. She has access to the crown jewels and is now sporting the sapphire engagement ring and matching earrings previously owned by Princess Diana. She has all the opportunities and the lavish gifts, like what William’s deceased mother used to enjoy. She gets to attend the greatest parties and receives the royal treatment, literally. And Kate is now the future Queen of England.

But while Prince Charles and Princess Diana were already estranged from the beginning, William and Kate are in love and this shows in their body language. So tell me, who would not wait for William?

All that Kate needs to do now is to look her best, choose the best clothes (which she is really good at), smile always, and produce and heir to the throne. Sounds like a good job to me.

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