Katy Perry and Her Taste in a Home

The Park Hill Mansion that Katy Perry wanted to share with then husband Russell Brand. Photo from the internet.

Singer Katy Perry recently sold her home–the historic “Park Hill” mansion in Los Angeles–more than a year after her failed marriage to funny man, Russell Brand. It was said that Perry wanted it to be their “married home” but since the relationship fizzled, she decided to sell the property.

I am quite sad about the house because I loved the design! It looks palatial, reminiscent of castles in Europe, but is located in LA! Waaaaa Wow, if only I could afford this piece of real estate, I would not hesitate to buy it!

What came as a surprise for me is Perry’s taste. She may be a modernistic singer with a rather eclectic style when it comes to hair and clothes, but with homes, she has classy and elegant choice, as she also recently purchased a property that has no hint of eccentricity.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures of the house to show for it. But I best that this looks more awesome in real life.

I would want to drive inside this stately driveway every single day in my open top car. Photo from the internet.
The sitting room gives a wonderful view of Los Angeles. Sighhh…Photo from the internet.
Look at this stairway. You can just imagine a knight coming in a any minute through one of these doors. Photo from the internet.

Okay, I am into the Old World thing. It’s just so romantic, grand, opulent. Or I’m just an old soul, if there really was something like it. hehe I have always been drawn to what’s old more than what’s new, so I would rather visit a museum than a mall. Yeah, that description would be very apt for me.

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