Keeping a Home Clean

I am rather a stickler to cleaning the home. If only I had help, my place would be much cleaner.

It is just that right now, I am torn between my freelance job, my online pursuits, my baby, my husband, the store, and also my cleaning. So cleaning is my lowest priority. We clean up when it is too dirty for me to bear. My husband doesn’t mind and sometimes I ask him if he also feels good when the surroundings are clean. He says yes, but he just doesn’t notice when the place gets untidy or dirty.

So aside from regularly mopping the floor, I wipe surfaces and clean the toilet. If I have a carpet, however, I would really find the best home carpet cleaner because I don’t think I can still take care of it.

But anyway, for now, I just clean up what I can when I can.

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