Keeping an Anger Journal

Many of us have bursts of anger. The sad part is, these lashes are often directed to the us closest to our hearts, primarily because they are familiar and are physically around us more often.

It is very sad, but it happens very often. And I am not spared from this.

I have read somewhere that it is good to keep an anger journal. It is not just about recording the wrongs you have done, but it an assessment of how often you lose your cool and to whom it is usually directed in the hopes that you can improve the situation.

While you may not be able to rectify the past, but you can certainly do something about the future. I thank God for His grace in working out my temper that I am not as jumpy as I was when dealing with Dindin. But I still have lapses and this anger journal might just be the reality jolt that I need.

Putting your outbursts into writing will make you conscious of your words and actions. And perhaps, writing about it will help you channel your emotions. While that may not keep you from getting angry again, it will surely keep you from lashing it out at your hapless children and your better half.

May God help us all as we try to manager our anger.

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