Keira Knightley and Her Very Private Wedding

Keira Knightley is like a child skipping to the venue of their wedding, being held by her husband James Righton. Photo from the internet.

Keira Knightley wed her beau James Righton in a very private ceremony held in the Mazan Town Hall, which is located in a small village in the south of France. It was attended by only 11 people, who I believe are relatives and very close friends.

It was said that there were no flamboyant preparations. The bride just wore a simple dress that she already wore five years ago yet she happily skipped to the wedding venue, hand in hand with her then fiance.

Awww….I think that is sweet and lovely. And even if Keira is a famous star, she opted for a very private wedding. After all, the pompous affair is not a guarantee to a great life of wedded bliss.

After the wedding, the couple rented a boat and went sailing in Corsica. I think that is very lovely. And they got a much needed rest from the busy lives. I think that is what a wedding is all about. They did not have anything to fuss about for the ceremony and reception and they did not have to pack away so many things after a grand wedding. They just went straight to their honeymoon without baggage. I love it!

Keira and James share a kiss at the back of their honeymoon boat. Photo from the internet.

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