Knowing How to Cook and Having a Restaurant

A lot of people praise me for my cooking and then would often suggest that I open a restaurant.

But there is a big difference with knowing how to cook and operating a restaurant. When you cook and prepare dishes for the family, it is to my delight. I buy the best ingredients that I can afford. The problem is, one dish can cost so much.

If you are a restaurant owner, you have to be concerned about quality but at the same time, you should also be concerned about the cost. After all, you are in business and should earn from it. Otherwise, what is the point of your business, right?

And of course, there should be proper management of the kitchen and it starts with marketing. A lot of money gets wasted if your purchaser is not careful.

That is why, even though I know some suppliers for wholesale restaurant equipment, I prefer to just content myself with preparing good food for the family and blogging about them. haha I just wish I can improve on my food shots with a better camera.

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