Lack of Sleep Can Make One Sick

sleeping baby
If only I can sleep like like my baby, open mouthed and no care in the world! haha Even for just a night….like tonight, perhaps?

Most children would love to stay up as late as possible because of some TV show or computer game or hobby that they want to do or complete. Their parents may tell them to sleep early and they may go to the bedroom but they know in their hearts they know that it is against their will.

For adults, though, they needed to stay up as late as possible because of certain deadlines to beat. Or the house is not in order. Or they have to travel. Or whatever. But if given the chance, most adults will skip watching late night TV shows just to be able to get enough sleep. Especially for moms with small children down to the youngest newly born, having enough sleep is already considered rare and a luxury that they are willing to pay for. Like me, if given the chance, I would rather sleep. But then again, it is now a luxury for me because when the little one sleeps, that is the time that I start working.

But I know that having enough sleep is very important. Being able to sleep at least 8 hours a day without interruption means that a person is able to experience the REM state. That is when one gets to reach the dream state and rapid eye movement (REM) happens. That is the time when the body repairs itself, especially the internal organs to keep them working properly. When we are awake, we do our daily chores and routines. We eat and drink. But these do not really contribute to our well being if we do not rest. A good workout would ail us if we don’t sleep because muscles also need to repair. It will just tear our muscles. But having enough sleep is what rejuvenates the body.

I would also like to mention that sleeping in darkness also produces melatonin that helps in warding off cancer. That is why it is also important to be sleeping at night rather than in the daytime. Or maybe if you sleep during the day, you need dark curtains to shut out the sunlight streaming in your window?

So in conclusion, make it a habit to sleep at night. Get at least 8 hours of straight sleep, otherwise, you will be ripped off of good health sooner than later.

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