Last Date for 2014

Hubby and I during our dinner at Mu Shu.

This year had been very hectic for us. There had been so many events, both personal and work-related. And in most of them, we had to bring the kids along.

To be honest, hubby and I rarely found the time to be together that even our discussions about serious matters have been limited to chatting over on Facebook while the kids are asleep.

Thankfully, we had temporary help for the Christmas season and I asked hubby if we can go on a date before the year ends and we have someone to leave the kids with. And yeah, we were able to do so.

After a long while of not going out, it took us some time to settle where we are going to eat. We decided to go to Mu Shu, a restaurant at 20th-Lacson Street. I prepared about an hour before, took a nice bath, wore a dress, applied pressed powder and lipstick, and wore high heels. When everything was put together, I sprayed on some perfume. And to take matters to a different level, I brought a different bag that night. Instead of the usual gray diaper bag draped over my left shoulder, I chose a fuchsia handbag. It was a stark contrast to my dark-colored dress yet I loved it. I felt so feminine.

What we had during our date.

At Mu Shu, we ordered the dishes that we both loved, like sizzling cansi, sizzling squid sisig, and prichon (fried lechon in lumpia wrappers). For dessert, we had the lava cake.

The date didn’t really last long, maybe about two. We did not even discuss serious family matters. But we felt good about it. We enjoyed the date and we were both giggly about it.

I really hope we can do it again next month. And every month thereafter. 😀 We just have to schedule this once a month.

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