LeAnne Rimes at the Baseball Game of Her Husband’s Children

LeAnne Rimes with husband Eddie Cibriani (left) and Eddie’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville all turn up at the the baseball game of Eddie and Brandi’s son. Awkward. Photos from the internet.

I like LeAnn Rimes as a singer. But lately, I have read how she “stole” Eddie Cibriani–husband of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville. Although I am not really sure about the whole story, honestly, I lost respect. It was reported that at a party, LeAnn even flirted with Eddie while the former couple were still married and within earshot of Brandi.

When Brandi and Eddie divorced, Eddie and LeAnn married soon after. Their lives comprise one big real-life drama. So I think that my gut feel is correct–LeAnn was working it out with Eddie while he was still married.

Despite the story of Eddie and Brandi, which I am not really familiar with, I just cannot tolerate cheating husbands and the “other woman”. For me, marriage is sacred and those who try to destroy it do not have my sympathy–whatever their reason.

Oh well, Eddie and LeAnn seem happy together. But I feel bad for the wife. I hate cheaters! And my husband doesn’t understand it because I have not experienced it first-hand in the family. Oh God forbid!

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