Long Delayed

Our couple’s date has long been delayed. We have been scheduling many things to do and places to visit as a family and with friends but as for us, we have not done anything. I wonder why we are not prioritizing our marriage?

It is not really my husband’s fault but more of mine. My husband would just say yes with most of my decisions. It is just that we have been delaying it because of many unexpected expenses.

One place that we would really like dine at is Jacopos–that Persian or Indian restaurant in Mandalagan, along Lacson. How I really wish that we would have some extra money to go on a date.

But right now, Dindin is sick and we have to buy medicines. We also changed her milk back to Pediasure and is really setting us back some money. These are our priorities now and well, we really do not have budget for our date. I wish we can do this even only twice a month! It has been a long time!


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