Looking for a Good Movie

Yesterday, we were at the mall and looked for a good movie that hubby and I can watch in the theater. There was none. I mean, of course, there were good movies but they are good movies but not so nice for movie dates.

I told my husband that I would like to go on another movie date with him in a real theater, not just inside our bedroom. I would like to buy two big buckets of popcorn–one for each one of us. I guess it is the change of atmosphere that I am looking for.

Maybe after Holy Week, we can do that. Wow, it is such a long way off, but well, it is something to look forward to, right?

For now, I gotta finish my work or I couldn’t go out to attend our Wednesday group tonight where we will be meeting about this new venture of ours. hehe I already told them that I could not prepare something because I am swamped with work!

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