Looking Forward to a Barbecue Outing

We had been very busy this month of May that we had not gone over to my parents’ house to have barbecue. But I do miss those times. In the past, we would go there on a Sunday afternoon then my parents would burn charcoal in an open barbecue pit and then grill some pork, chicken or hotdogs.

Maybe we should do it again next Sunday. That is a week from now, but at least that is something to look forward to for me. And Dindin will also have the chance to run around in the garden and breathe some fresh air.

But we would not need those outdoor fire pits from OutdoorFirePlacePros.com because my parents already have a small pit that we can use. I think I will just bring some marinated meats that we can barbecue.

That would already be a fun garden outing and my parents would surely be happy with our visit! They are always happy if we visit us. It is just that we do not always have the time to do so. We just have to make time this weekend for the things that matter most in life–like spending time with family. 😀

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