Love the Mildly Scented Vernel Soft Fabric Softener

The laundry at home is done by our helper. But since laundry is not her main work, most of the time, she could not finish the entire process of soaking, washing, rinsing, hanging to dry, and taking down of the clothes all in one day. A lot of times, our clothes would smell bad because they are not properly dried.

And I really hate it. I hate freshly laundered clothes that smell like a dank bathroom. Ugh. That is why I always supply the lavandera with fabric conditioner. I don’t really stick to one brand because I try out the different scents available. Sometimes though, the perfume is too strong. Sometimes, it seems that we didn’t use fabricon at all.

Dindin with Vernel.

Then I tried the Vernel Soft Fabric Softener in Mild Rose fragrance. I have to admit that I picked this out because it comes in pink packaging. It is not really my favorite color, as mine is yellow, but since my daughter likes pink so much, I kind of like caught the interest. Hehe

And I am happy I did.

Dindin in jeans.

Vernel is indeed mildly scented so the clothes are pleasant to smell. And since the laundry just smells fresh and doesn’t come off too strong with Vernel, I find that it is also perfect for my daughters’ clothes. I have a toddler and a preschooler so their clothes, even those that they just wear at home, smell so nice. I love it because even when they take off their clothes at night to change into their sleep clothes, their day set still smell good. I think that much of the scent lasting long is because Vernel is anti-bacterial, so it must be controlling the odor-causing bacteria. 😀

I think Dindin is growing up to be a pretty lass, don’t you think? 😀

This is in contrast to fabric conditioners that are heavily scented. We cannot use them on the kids’ garments because I don’t like the little ones smelling like they are wearing adult perfume. And well, we cannot buy two kinds of fabricons either. It is just too impractical in terms of cost-efficiency and in the usage because then, you will need to have two separate rinsing water.

Inversely, the mild scent is also a good thing for grown-ups because then you can still get to wear your favorite perfume without the smell of the fabricon interrupting your scent.

Softness overload with Vernel.

I love just how soft Vernel has made our clothes, especially denim. We also used Vernel on Dindin’s glittery jeans and it has become easier to pull up. Nice.

We do not have office or school uniforms to think about so our clothes consist mostly of house clothes, sleepwear, Sunday dresses, my husband’s t-shirts, buttoned shirts, jeans, slacks, and anything in between. And we use Vernel on all of them.

Vernel Soft Fabric Softener is priced competitively, in fact a bit lower than a popular brand. I just buy the sachets because it is easier to manage. I just give six (6) sachets to the lavandera per week and it is enough. I don’t give the bottle to her because it gets used up ahead of time, no matter how much I compute the volume as compared to the packs. Oh well.

Anyway, I highly recommend that you should try using this product. You just might want to make the switch.

7 thoughts on “Love the Mildly Scented Vernel Soft Fabric Softener

  1. When I was still single, I used to not mind how my newly laundered clothes smell. Now with a wife and two kids constantly hugging me, I have to make sure they would also enjoy the moment. I must also make sure that I am always clean. An anti-bacterial fabric conditioner will help do the job.

  2. Since the present weather here in the Philippines is quite unpredictable..i cant reisk having a bad smell evrytime i do the laundry i do make sure i have a fabric conditioner in hand…specially for kids anti bacterial do come in handy!…:)

  3. Thanks for sharing sis, I am really looking for a fabric conditioner with a mild scent because of my allergies. I should try this– and I must say that your model there is super pretty

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