MAC Computers

I have never owned a MAC unit. It is more expensive than the computer units that I have bought in the past and honestly, there is really no need for my work to buy one. The important thing is, I have a computer, be it a laptop or a desktop, that I can use at home. My most important concern is speed, because I can get impatient.

That is why, I just buy whatever is cheap in the market. After all, they have stayed with me for years and have done the job. So I am so thankful already.

You see, I was told that if I use a MAC, the orientation is completely different because it has its own operating system and protocols. You will also need a specific Antivirus for MAC.

For the people that I know who are used to having MAC, they have stayed and are loyal customers, like my brother. As for me, I don’t think that I need to try one. I am fine with what I have. They are so much cheaper, too. My husband does not seem to desire Apple computers either. But I think that his concern is more about the price than anything. 😀

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