Magsinadya Like A Panda: Pau-Pau’s Bacolod MassKara Festival Fiesta Spirit

Magsinadya Like A Panda

Bacolod City’s Masskara Festival is known for its lively music and colorful masks, and this year, the celebration was made even more memorable as Foodpanda took part in the celebration with its on-ground activation. We’ll take a closer look at the vibrant festivities that made Masskara Festival 2023 an event to remember. This is how Foodpanda brought joy to both locals and tourists in order to Magsinadya Like A Panda.

Magsinadya Like A Panda: “Live Like A Panda”

Foodpanda, the online food delivery service, joined the fun with an event called “Magsinadya Like a Panda.” It took place from October 18 to 22 on Lacson Street and was all about having a great time, enjoying good food, and embracing the “Live Like A Panda” philosophy.

A Happy Return

Last year’s “Balik Yuhum” was a big hit, and this year’s Masskara Festival in Bacolod City didn’t disappoint. “Sinadya sa Bacolod” once again, brought people together, filling the streets with beautiful masks, music, and plenty of smiles.

Meet Pau-Pau

Pau-Pau, the adorable Foodpanda mascot, was the star of the show. Festival-goers could visit the Foodpanda booth to take part in various activities, win cool prizes chosen by Pau-Pau, and receive fun giveaways. Lucky festival-goers also had a chance to win cute Pau-Pau stuffed animals.

Pau-Pau, foodpanda mascot, Bacolod City, MassKara Festival 2023

A Panda’s Favorites

In the midst of the lively parade and music, Foodpanda made sure everyone’s food cravings were satisfied. During the Masskara Arena Competition, they chose a competitor to present the “Pau-Pau’s Choice Award” to. And then to another at the Masskanamit Culinary Showdown. Foodpanda’s presence made the festival even more exciting.

More Than Food Delivery

According to Patricia Jacinto, the Growth & Marketing Director for Foodpanda Philippines, their involvement in the Masskara Festival shows their commitment to making their app users’ lives better, beyond just food delivery. It’s about making moments of joy and celebration even better, and they certainly did that.

Special Festival Discounts

Of course, no festival would be complete without special deals. festival-goers and app users could enjoy exclusive festival vouchers offering discounts on groceries and food orders. This added an extra layer of excitement to the already lively festivities.

Connect with Foodpanda

For more details about Foodpanda’s involvement and special offers during Masskara Festival 2023, check out their official website at You can also follow them on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. Get ready to have a great time at Masskara and “Magsinadya Like A Panda” with Foodpanda.

Masskara Festival 2023 was a fantastic celebration, and Foodpanda’s enthusiastic participation made it even better. As the city filled with music, masks, and smiles, Foodpanda’s dedication to making people’s lives happier and creating moments of joy was evident. We’re excited to see more collaborations in the future and more reasons to “Live Like A Panda.”

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