Make Your Fresh Flowers Last Longer Than Ever

It takes a special occasion for someone to send you a bunch of specially arranged flowers. Now, if you only get these pretty flowers a few times a year, then naturally, you would want to know how to special care of those blooms so that they will last a bit longer. You might find tips that tell you to put an aspirin tablet in the vase before adding your flowers to the water, but using the plant food that comes with your bouquet works just as well. But with these few simple tips, you can actually extend the life of your flowers. Here are some of them:

Trim the Stems
When you receive fresh flowers, take the time to trim at least ½ inch of the stems off the bottom before placing the flowers in water. The end of the stems tend to dry out during the shipping process, which keeps the flowers from absorbing the water and nutrients in the plant food. Removing just a small amount of the stem can make the flowers last longer.

Watering the Flowers and Other Easy Tips
Most flowers only need a small amount of water every week for survival. Remove the flowers from the vessel at least once a week, empty the old water and replace it with fresh water. Make sure that you don’t crowd the flowers and that you use a large enough vase that provides space between the blooms. Many types of flowers can only survive in neutral climates, which means you need to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Follow these simple tips and you just might be able to enjoy your fresh flowers maybe a week or two longer. And then you can keep on reminiscing the time that it was offered to you. hihi Enjoy!

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