Mango Picking in the Garden

We planned to go swimming again yesterday because my daughter is kinda addicted to swimming now and she would always say, “Saturday swim.” weeee

As we were preparing to go to Sta. Fe Resort, a nice but affordable Bacolod resort, I got a text message from my mother that they will be harvesting some of the fruits of our single but prolific mango tree in the middle of our lot. So we were like, cool! That would be another unique experience for Dindin.

So we picked them up from the CORE Ministry Center after their cell group and we proceeded to my parents’ house.

Well needless to say, here are some photos of the mango harvest time!

The mango branches are pretty heavy with the mature fruits that they are almost touching the ground! See, they are just at Dindin’s eye level! The mango harvest has not been completed yet. My parents will be selling some of their produce and they will send some to my uncle and my brother in Manila. 😀

When we first told Dindin to put the mango in the basin, she threw it in like she was throwing a ball in the basket! LOL That made a really loud thud! But when we showed her how to do, she gingerly placed each fruit in the basic and arranged them when the cut stem at the bottom so that the acidic fruit sap can drain. Teachable baby!

This was indeed a unique family time! Swimming can wait for another time. 😀


8 thoughts on “Mango Picking in the Garden

  1. paho season na gid… sa balay damo man guro na indian mango…hehe… hidlaw ko sg yellow mangoes… wala gid na diri… tsksk..

  2. how i wish i could be there in your place ( of course with my love ones as well ) the time you harvested the mangoes boots. anyway, that was a nice and wonderful move that you opted not to go swimming, instead you went to your mom’s house for the harvest. by doing so, it’s like your hitting two birds with one stone…….you had an outing with your pretty angel and spend time with your parents……awesome happenings.

  3. yum! I want to eat green mangoes with spicy bagoong! I’ve never been to a fruit farm before. One experience I am looking forward to once my toddler is big enough to travel out of town.

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