Marriage Made in Heaven

I wish I can say that all marriages are made in heaven. Who wouldn’t want a worry free marriage, with no money problems, no parenting problems, no differences–nothing at all. You just breeze through each day, getting what you want, becoming successful, the husband coming home to a beautiful and sexy wife who has already prepared a sumptuous meal. Then after dinner, you go out, take a stroll, then prepare for the night and then the next day you start all over again.

I pretty much remember the movie, The Truman Show, starring Jim Carrey where everything is just all rosy.

Anyway, it is just that our lives and of course, our marriages, are not perfect. Whenever we talk to friends, they would pour out to us their problems and with much prayer, we try to give out relationship advice based on our own experiences and also on the experiences of others who have come before us.

I can just sometimes cry at the gravity of the situation that one friend is experiencing and sometimes I have no words to say and the only thing I can do is reach out my arms and give a hug.

Anyway, I believe that these problems that come our way are there to strengthen our faith and for God to reveal His glory through us. How we learn from it is dependent on us.

So even if times are hard, let us hang in there and let God do His work in us.

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