Marriage Needs Work

If someone once told you that marriage was a piece of cake then they must be lying or they have never been married before. Yes, marriage is a slice of heaven, that is, if you are enjoying marital bliss. But if you are a husband stuck with a quarrelsome wife or a wife tied to an irresponsible and abusive husband, then the relationship is obviously anything but blissful.

The fact of the matter is, like a garden, marriage needs hard work as well as gentle nurturing and a lot of pruning. If you don’t take care of a marriage the way a gardener waters plants, applies fertilizer, prunes useless parts, exposes them to sunlight, and plucks out weeds, then marriage will not blossom and will rather turn cold and eventually wither. It will be so cold that not even a lab furnace would be enough to make it hot once again.

You see, after the heat of the romance passes, you will soon be faced with responsibilities—putting up with each other’s personalities and differences, having bills to pay, kids to raises, sickness, legal matters, and the like. All these things, if not put in the right perspective, could really blow the romance out the window and dampen how you see your spouse.

So work on your marriage each day. Nurture it because it is a living entity. Without the elements that make it alive, it will choke and eventually die.

It is my desire that all marriages stick it out to the end, like the commitment that we make at the altar, before God and men. But of course we know that we are not perfect. That is why, all I can encourage you to do right now is not give up and keep working on your marriage daily.

God bless us all! 😀

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