Marry a Man Who is Proud of You and Your Achievements

In the 1997 film, Hanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin, I vaguely remember some scenes between Richard Gomez and leading lady Lorna Tolentino. They were a successful working couple until the wife was promoted before the husband. The problems started and their marriage broke down. It was then I have made that conclusion that a woman should marry a man who is proud of you.

A Proud Wife

The proud wife is often boasting about her husband. Back in the day, the proud wife is often meeting amigas and telling them about her husband’s latest achievements. In the present time, we see that on social media.

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More often than not, it’s so so easy for us women to be supportive and proud of our men. In turn, it boosts their morale and encourages them to work harder and provide for the family even more.

But what about the other way around?

In that 1997 movie, we saw how the character of Richard Gomez spiralled because he was jealous of his wife. It created a lot of problems for them. Instead of being supportive of his wife’s success, he tried to take it against her. He also made it a point to make her feel little about her accomplishments because she was seen less at home.

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~ Marrying my husband and growing with his is one of the best decisions of my life. ~

If a husband feels threatened about his wife’s accomplishments, it could pose a great deal of problem for the whole family. His already low morale and low self-esteem will bring him down lower as the wife’s status and income goes up. Plus, it will also curtail what a woman can achieve with her skills and education. 

Signs That Your Husband is a Man Who is Proud of You

So let’s look at a man who is proud of you. How does he usually behave? For me, these are the top 3 characteristics. And it is not just about how proud with how you pretty you are, your long hair, or how maintain your figure. It goes beyond that.

Marry a man who is proud of you.

He is the man who is proud to be seen with you, no matter your size, shape, or height. In modern times, he is proud to post on his social media that he is married…to you. He may not be overly expressive about his emotions, but when one visits his profile, there is no doubt, that you are his one and only wife.

Moreover, he is proud of you, whether you are able to bear a child, bear only girls, or bear only boys. He is still proud of you, even if you lost your youthful figure because of hormonal changes brought about my pregnancy.

Marry a man who is proud of your achievements.

Here is the husband who knows how you have worked hard to achieve something. He is happy that you have reached your goals and is willing to celebrate that with you. He might not announce it on social media, nevertheless, you will know and feel if his joy is heartfelt.

Marry a man who does not feel threatened if you earn more.

There has been a wave of house-husbands who gave up their careers when kids happened. That is because for one, their wives earn more and second, it is harder for the woman to find a job after she has been a stay at home mom for some time. It is practical and a workable situation.

However, there are still men who find it hard to accept the fact that their wives earn more. Sometimes, it is not even like the wife is continually making it look like they have earned more. The husband just feels that it makes him less of a man if the wife is earning more. That is not healthy and is detrimental to a couple’s or family’s success.

A Proud Husband

Ever since the pandemic, I kept writing and taking care of the home. I was happy to have been cooped up here because my family is safe.

But because of my writing, I bagged three awards since last year. My husband has been my campaign manager and also my announcer or bearer of good nes. I know that he is so proud of me and I am happy and content about that.

marry a man who is proud of you, marriage advice, marriage is a team effort, husband and wife, husband and wife team, happy wife, happy life,
~ I have so much emotional baggage that my husband has to contend with. Took so many difficult years of healing. ~

When we were still dating, I had two opportunities to go abroad for about 3 months each time. He never expressed any hint of jealousy, despite the many people I go out with. Not only because I am trustworthy, but he is also confident in me and in our relationship.

Is my husband perfect? Nope, we both aren’t. Do we still fight? Yes, we do! But things get resolved and he lets me be me. It ain’t easy because I also have lots of emotional baggage, but hubby is determined to be my teammate for life.

If you are still single right now, I hope you find the man who can be really and truly proud of you.

10 thoughts on “Marry a Man Who is Proud of You and Your Achievements

  1. I can relate to this ,I found a partner in life that push me all throughout,cheers me up on little things and proud of me , whether little or big achievement

    1. Sa pagaasawa kailangan po talaga na ung partners mo tanggap kung ano ang ups and down mo. Yung sya ang cheerleader mo sa lahat ng gingawa mo..THANKS TO GOD i finally found someone na gods gift talaga..hehehe..

  2. Thank you for sharing this mommy. Such an inspiration and could really get lessons about marriage. Truly marrying a man who is proud of you is such a great blessing. A man who supports you in your success and who will comfort you in your downfalls.

  3. I am lucky that my husband is always proud of me and my achievements. Basta may opportunities na dumarating sakin, he’s always there to support me and encourage me to do my best.

  4. I already got my mine mamsh. Kahit walang achievements but still tanggap niya ako kahit nga topakin pa ehh. Hahahaha. He accept all my imperfections, all my failures kasi ganun talaga.. tanggap niya ko kung sino ako at kung ano lang ako.

  5. Nkatagpuan kuna ung sken ma ? ung ipinagmamalake aku sah ibang tao .. love dn talaga nmen ang kumaen ? sobrang love nmen ang isat isa .. ika nga eh mag aaway pero d maghihiwalay ?❤️

  6. Importante talaga momsh na meron tayong makakasama sa habang buhay na tanggap at susuportahan tayo ng buong puso sa lahat ng bagay na gusto nating gawin. Hoping soon mahanap ko din yung akin momsh hihi.

  7. Tama mommy, dapat talaga sa pag-aasawa kailngan ng unawaan,at yung susuporta sayo sa mga bagay na gusto mong gawin, at yung lageng nakaalalay sayo para mas umangat ka at maging successful. Dahil ang success ng isa ay success ninyong dalawa.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  8. Such an inspiration to us.♥️ Love is in the air. Ang gaNda po ng wedding nio. Ang gaNda ng wedding gown and Ang slim nio po Mommy Sig♥️

  9. Sa pag aasawa tlaga kailangn ng unawaan at suporta s sisay Isa. Syempre always andun na ung main ingredient na Paggiging mg ASAWA. Yun ay Ang Love, respect and faithful. Once na kinasal na silaa naging Isa na . Joined force na. Conjugal na salahat.

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