Massage at Spa Natura

I was really tired. I had a really tiresome week last week so when my husband got a haircut at Spa Natura Bacolod, I thought why not get a massage.

I ran through their menu and thought about the relaxing Swedish massage or the invigorating Xiamen foot massage. Then I thought, well, I would rather have a whole body massage, so it was Swedish massage for me.

But when I got into the massage room, I thought, I would also like the masseuse to stimulate my pressure points with finger and elbow pressure. I would also appreciate some stretching as my muscles are really sore. So I decided right there and then to avail of their 1 hour and 30 minute combination massage.

Needless to say, she left no muscle unturned. Except of course for the private parts, she had pressed and kneaded every tired muscle in my body that I never even knew were aching. Yeah, my body is really, really sore.

And when she got to the part of my left shoulder where there is injury, she concentrated on it for quite some time. Yeah, they are flexible enough to cater to where you want the massage to focus on.

I especially loved the pressure on my feet, back and head! The therapist, Josie, was pretty good. She was strong but she knew how to balance her pressure among the hard and tender parts of the body.

The combination massage costs P500 for an hour and a half. Steam bath and sauna may also be added for another P100. I did not have the luxury of time for a hot bath and a shower, so I just had the massage. After all, I already showered when I left the house.

Spa Natura is located beside the Convergys building along Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City. Their telephone number is 441-2495. It would be great to make reservations prior to the visit.

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