Michele Bachmann’s Presidential Bid

Recently, I have read that the presidential of the Republican party, Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus are both Christians who had been members of the Salem Lutheran Church in Stillwater, Minnesota, where Mrs. Bachmann is serving as congresswoman. Her religious inclination has sealed her reputation with conservative evangelicals over the years.

But lately, just before announcing her presidential bid, Mrs. Bachmann also withdrew her membership in the church. It is not clear why she did that or it it has a connection to her candidacy, and well, we could not really second-guess what happened there. I just read though that she had not been going there for some time now, maybe because of her work. So the church council released the Bachmann couple from the church membership last month.

I have not really read about Michele Bachman and her stand on the different issues of the American society, such as social security, health, national defense, insurance and collision estimation, education, and national debt. All I know is that we believe in the same God.

But I honestly hope that a God-fearing person will be installed as the next American president. Someone with the resolve and the political will but also with the fear of the Lord. That will be an unbeatable combination.

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