Mind Your Manners Towards Your Spouse

Married couples should really make a conscious effort to mind their manners towards each other. Sometimes, the manners we exhibit during the courtship stage just fly out of the window when marriage sinks in.

When we were young, we were taught (or at least most of us) to say the “magic words” like “Please,” “thank you”, “sorry” and “you’re welcome.” And if this habit was ingrained in us, we will continue to be polite into our adulthood.

But more often than not, when we get married, we mind our manners when we are outside the home but not with our spouses. We sometimes take this for granted. And our others halves would feel bad because it seems we do not respect him or her. No wonder respect is such an issue among husband. And we would hear the comment, “You are just nice with other people.” I think that is very hurtful but that is true. And it had already been said to me. buhuhu I really should mind my manners more around my husband.

You see, sometimes, other people may think that my husband is suplado or impatient, but with me, he is just the complete opposite. He is mindful of his manners, patient, polite, and very giving. Sometimes, I can get angry with him but when I look back, I would regret it because he had just been a nice and loving husband. Sometimes, I think that he is too nice. At least too nice for me.

Of course he has his shortcomings, but most of them are really because of my expectations and not because he is a bad person.

I am writing this because I know that for very long, my husband had been under-appreciated. But I am praying that this realization will not just end up here but will be applied in our daily lives.

While manners are not the only things that make or break a marriage, they surely play a great part. And if we mind our manners, we will realize that a lot of petty fights that irritate the marital bond will be eradicated.

I love you, Babe, and I am so sorry…

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  1. I love you too! Thank you for showing your love by writing this! 😀 <–how can I make this look like a really big smile…and it is even bigger in my hear

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