Missing Our Loving Dates

I miss our dates!

It is not that we are too busy, we just do not have the budget for it. Dennis, Dindin and I would just sometimes to go the mall, buy a pack of French Fries and sit on a bench and let’s say watch the fountain and Robinsons. Or we would go around and much on our French fries while walking around SM. We just buy only one Large Fries at Jollibee or Potato Corner, that’s it, then we just enjoy our time going around and looking at things.

This happened because we are trying to straighten out our finances. We had a difficult time this year and we are trying to adjust so that we can pay out debts and our income can catch up with our expenses.

It is not right to just continue with out lifestyle and be in debt. So we had to compromise. But I do miss our dates, eating at restaurants, trying new fares, and just enjoying good food. My husband and I love eating!

Yeah, I cook at home from time to time, but even our special treats at home are limited because of course, I still have to buy ingredients and buying involves money. We are hopeful that we can resume eating out as a couple and as a family next year. Maybe by January or February. We will see, as we wait for God’s blessing.

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