Modern Weddings

Comic strip about modern weddings.

If you come to think of it, there is really not much to explain about this photo. I got this from a friend’s FB profile and thought it was funny.

It is just that Facebook is already so much a part of many people’s lives. They are addicted to it. Some stay there the whole day to play games. Some follow other people’s lives through status and photos. Others have their businesses there–anything from clothes, make up, accessories, metal hose, services, cakes, and pretty much everything else. But still others keep track of their marriages there and tell the whole world what is going on in their lives. Some couples have even separated because of Facebook because they learned that their spouses are flirting with other people online. Or worse have carried on the flirting to another level.

I remember several years ago I was a godmother to an infant baptism. The priest was late and underneath his priestly garb, he was wearing a pair of sandals. I thought it odd because most priests that I have seen wear black shoes, especially if they have a special occasion to officiate. Immediately after he said the last part of the baptism ritual, he then declared, “Now, it is time for picture-taking.” We laughed. The he guided the parents, with the mother carrying the baby, on how to pose and then he stood there in the middle. It was just funny. It was as if he was looking forward to it. teehe

Well, I guess that is just the way of doing things. Even the modern wedding thing.

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