Mom’s Day Out – A Sun Life’s Treat for Mommy Bloggers

When it comes to priorities, family always comes first. So whenever there are events to attend, as much as possible, it is nice to bring along the kids with you for them to enjoy as well. So when I get an invitation to attend a Mom’s Day Out, I was quite curious since kids are not allowed in the event.

Sun Life Mommies Day Out
Mommies’ day out.

We had a well spent afternoon at the said event since before the main talk; we were given a relaxing treat at the Spa –an hour of Swedish massage. As soon as the relaxing treat was given, we then proceeded at the main venue for the short talk.

Balanced Motherhood

One of the highlights of the event is how important it is to have a balanced motherhood. This answered my question why kids aren’t allowed to bring with us. Anyhow, this was one of the most satisfying mommy events I have attended since it talks about moms alone.

The invited speaker was Michele Alignay. She tackled how important is self-care for moms. Her discussion gave me so many insights about my role as BOTH a mom and a wife.

Sun Life Mommy Day Out
We were treated to sumptuous spread

Having a balanced motherhood is about taking care of your whole family. This means we should give ourselves the time we need – the time to unwind, to take care of ourselves, and more. It doesn’t mean that since we are already a mom; we should prioritize others before us. As the saying goes “A well-balanced mom has more to give to her family.” And we sure want that for our family, too. So take care of yourself so you can take care of your family as well.

Sun Life Mommy's Day out
Mommies face a lot of challenges and also need to find their personal space.

Financial Freedom

To be stress-free is what all we want. And this is what Rosario Rivera, one of the speakers of that day, shared to us. As a mom, we are very meticulous in doing things and as much as possible, we want everything to be balanced. But of course, no matter how hard we put things to work, there are just some things that are getting out of hand particularly in spending our budget wisely.

Sun Life investment vehicle
Give yourselves a stress-free future by putting your money where it works.

And I am glad that the speaker included the most effective way to save: earning – savings = expenses. Part of saving is preparing for tomorrow and Sun Life wants to make it convenient to every mom’s by introducing their MyFuture Funds. For your growing family’s future, this is definitely a worth while vehicle  to invest.  You can invest for as low as Php39.99 per day and if this is something you want for your child, you can inquire furthermore by visiting Sun Life’s official FB page at or on IG at

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