Mood Swings and the Full Moon

Do you also feel cranky during the full moon? Photo from the internet.

There are certain times in a month that I feel really cranky, moody, weepy, and just plain b*tchy. Sometimes I attribute it to hormones due to PMS. But a lot of months, I don’t get my period because I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). So I wonder, why do I get so moody?

Hubby and I used to fight whenever I have these episodes. He feels it is unnecessary for me to be mean during these days. In the past, I would fight it out with him, telling him that I couldn’t control these moods of mine. Then eventually, I realized that I do not really have to be controlled by them. While the moodiness is there, it doesn’t mean that I have to act on it and vent out my frustrations on the people around me.

Anyway, a couple of years ago, we met a new friend who said that whenever the moon is full, she gets depressed. This was echoed by another friend in the same gathering who feels the same. I never really gave what they said a lot of thought and eventually forgot. After all, I thought that although much eeriness is associated with the full moon, I didn’t think that mood swing was part of it.

But after that revelation, I still keep getting bouts of crankiness at certain times that will drive me to the point of neurosis. I get short-tempered and prone to shout at my daughter or just fight with my husband. It is also very easy for me to get irritated with things and people or even news articles even if I am not related to them. And then when I lie down on my side of the bed facing the window after an exhausting day of battling with my feelings, I see the full moon glaring down at me. And I am like, whaattt??

This has happened every month that I am not quite convinced that the full moon has quite that effect on me. I mentioned it to my OB-Gyne and she said that there are just some “lunar” people or those that get affected by the moon. Last Thursday and Friday, I was my cranky self again and hubby said that he knows why. I asked him why but he made me promise that I will not get mad as I was already high-strung. He reminded me that those days were the full moon and that it was even the Mooncake Festival. And I am like, whaaat??? Not again!

But I guess it does happen, whether I am aware if it is the full moon or not. How about you? Do you also experience this? So far, I have known of only four people including myself who get affected by the moon. Please do tell me.Β  πŸ˜€

47 thoughts on “Mood Swings and the Full Moon

  1. I also get moody at times, but I never heard about mood swings related to full moon this is really something new. So next time i’m feeling cranky I would definitely check if I’m “lunar” or just bipolar hehe, yes sometime I think I am (hopefully not, I think i’d prefer to be a lunar person rather than bipolar πŸ˜€ hehe

  2. Ganun din po ako minsan….ngaun ko lang din po nalaman na mayroon palang kinalaman ang full moon sa mga mood natin…

  3. i haven’t noticed if it’s happens in full moon but i am sure that i do some mood swing before my menstruation.. but i have still remember folks said that those people born in February month gets moody when the moon is in its full.

  4. I’m a very moody person, as in! But i never know mood swings because of full moon, let me check it πŸ˜‰ thanks for the post πŸ™‚

  5. Naku ako super moody hindi na nga minsan alam ni hubby kung paano pakikisama gagawin hehe pero andyan pa rin sya thanks God.

  6. my neighbor said its really true that mood change kapag full moon,i never notice kung nagiiba nga ang mood ko,pero i would siguro i would try to see if ganun ako

  7. I also moody pero i dont believe the moon… Siguro sabi nila full moon,iba din case iyon.I heard already full moon, but my moody is not related sa moon.Hehe case to case basis sabi nila..

  8. Totoo po yan kc ganyan ako,sabi nga ng hubby ko bilog nanaman ang buwan mga anak kaya c mama masungit nananam,Peru salamat at magaling c hubby napapatawa nia ako pag moody na ako.

  9. hmmm…moody ako pero ndi ko alam kung bilog ang buwan ng mga time na un.. anyway, minsan nga pagsinumpong ako silipin q sa labas kung bilog ba ang buwan,,hehe

  10. I heard of this before. Someone would really say that, when a woman has her mood swings it’s because of full moon. πŸ™‚ I can’t really prove it to my self, cause sometimes I’m not aware that is already full moon. Lol! But with hormones yes. I usually have mood swings a week before I have my period. :))

  11. Wow I never knew anything about this hahah!! Medyo weird pero let me see.. hahah. Actually I always experienced a mood swing, yung bigla nalang sasabog as in hah.. Then after that marerealized ko wawa naman si hubby siya sumasalo lahat ng init ng ulo ko hahah πŸ™‚ Thank you for this wonderful info πŸ™‚

  12. Sometimes, I’m a moody person. I easily get mad or sad on certain things around me. I experience that during my menstrual period. I feel so irritated and I think I’m not the alone. Many girls also experience this. πŸ™‚ But with your question about “FULL MOON” phenomenon? I haven’t got affected through this. It’s quite freaky and weird.

  13. Sometimes po ay ganyan ako but I’m not sure if it has something to do with the full moon, Now that I’m aware of it…try ko to check if full moon ba…

    1. Haha Try it sis. I never knew about this. But don’t expect it. When you realize that you are cranky, try looking outside or the calendar! LOL

  14. Hmmm.. havent heard about the full moon. i may check it too. but the mood swing, especially during my monthly period. I really hate when someone keeps talking and asking me. Syempre masakit pa ung puson ko, tapos dami pa tanong, kaya lagi naaangilan ko pag panay kulit ng asawa ko. hehehe

  15. Through reading horoscope before I learned that cancerian became moody at full moon. Well I dont believe much because I get moody even not at full moon. I just learned that after I get moody and fought my husband with no reason after a day I get my MP. So i think before I have my MP, I experiencing High blood mood.. πŸ™‚

  16. I am a VERY moody person. I change mood very quickly. About the mood swings due to the phases of the moon, I’ve read that there are studies being made to prove this. Gravitational pull daw, but there are no concrete evidence to prove this. Recently, I’ve been such a grouch when I started using this brand of pill again. It’s really worst, kaya nag-aaway kami ni hubby ng walang dahilan. Bad!

  17. ako nga rin eh, hindi ko alam, parang d ka mapakali, sometimes si mister na lang kawawa. Lucky nga ko iniintindi ako ni mister. πŸ˜€

  18. I don’t seem to notice my wife having this kind of thing so specially. For it’s just so natural for her to have such actions so I don’t mind at all. Patience is a virtue…

  19. This is really interesting. I have mood swings too but its very random and not on full moon. But I think this is possible as there are other changes in behavior that I heard that usually happens in full moon

  20. I have heard stories about that and can attest that it might be true for others. My tito is like that and he is also having that mood issues whenever there is full moon. As for me, I don’t actually recognize it maybe because everyday is a moody day haha (based on my husbands wild vocabulary haha). He sometimes asks me if it’s full moon everyday haha because of my mood swings. It’s good that he already knows what to do whenever I have sumpong hihi. After 17 years of being together, he already knows how to deal with my mood swings and make me laugh and then change my moods. haha :o)))

  21. I think meron po talaga. In fact a lots studies over the years na merong daw connections sa behaviour ng tao if the moon is full. Some says wala daw. But for me I think meron coz the moon has a major rule sa mundo natin like the tides and etc.

  22. Actually reading this article gives me information that there is such thing like this kasi di naman ako madalas tumingin sa moon and im not really aware about this thing idk if i have such thing na nagkaka mood swings kasi my mood depends also on how things are going in our house and how people around me treat me so no idea but if ever there is full moon ill try to see if my mood will change lol hehe…

  23. For me, may mga tao po tlagang moody like me hehe =) now q lng nlaman na kapag full moon may kinalaman un try q nga minsan pag moody aq hehe =) pero mas moody po tlga ang girls kesa boys kaya ramdam kita girl =)

  24. I guess it’s really normal for women to be moody. It’s uncontrollable and oftentimes the main reason why couples fight.

  25. Mood swings because of full moon, hindi ako believe dyan na nababago ang mood dahil sa full moon. I’m moody and that’s it.

  26. I just knew by now that full moon can affects our mood. Hmmm.. I’ll try to look outside whenever I’ll get mad. <3

  27. I haven’t noticed that for myself..but i really am a moody person..and I always blame my boyfriend for everything..hahaha..medyo bad girl.. ^_^

  28. I am not really a moody person especially pag may full moon but i do get cranky sometimes if i have period. πŸ˜‰

  29. Hahaha!! I usually experienced this mood swings. I thought it just happened during and before my menstrual period. Pero sabi ng asawa at mga anak ko araw-araw naman and mood swing ko dapat daw selective. I’ve wish they would understand what’s it is being a woman, a mother and a wife. πŸ™‚

  30. I also have mood swings especially if my period is already approaching. But I’m not sure if my moodiness is related to the full moon, though I already heard many stories about it..:-) I remember, my cousin used to tease me by saying: tinotoyo ka na naman, bilog na naman kasi ang buwan!:-) Well, maybe it’s just hormonal in my case. πŸ™‚

  31. Hahaha this is funny! Well I agree of having my mood swinging back and forth everytime I have my period but I havent tried looking up if my period falls during full moon. I will try looking this next month when my period comes. πŸ™‚

  32. I have mood swings too πŸ˜€ but I didn’t notice if it was a FULL MOON. I mean, di ko alam kung full moon ba everytime may episode ako πŸ˜€ hahah minsan dahil I have my period pero minsan wala lang talaga ako sa mood.

  33. Mood swings. Severe mood swings to be exact. I am so tired of having this! There are times that I have to pray and ask the Lord to please take away the mood swings from me since I,myself, doesn’t want it because I always feel bad. I always hurt all the people around me because of this mood swing. I always say bad things and it is not right. huhuhu.

  34. I thing everyone of us have mood swing.. Ako din naman po, and my hubby’s always complaining about it.. hahaha πŸ˜‰

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