Music Recording for the Future

We have seem many home-made videos that have gone viral on the internet in the past years. These often feature talented young people who either sing or dance at home and just have access to a camera and the internet. Then they would upload their recordings, even if the sound and video are not that good, but when people notice that they have talent, their videos go viral and they become internet sensations. A lot of people do this because then, they would not have to subject themselves to nerve-wracking auditions and become overnight celebrities.

Our daughter Dindin has so much potential in the field of music. She is four now but shows signs of becoming a good singer and someone who can play either the guitar or the drums or the piano. She is also asking if we can let her have violin lessons. We are not sure yet what we will let her take. We will decide when she is already six years old. After all, she is still very young. I am not saying that she will become a celebrity, but I think she is cut out to be a performer, whenever she can and wherever she will be.

And when the time comes for her to record her voice or performance, I think that the Recording Software available would have been far more advanced already. Well, at least the videos that we have would look great already. hehe We shall soon see what the future holds for this little girl. 😀 And we are excited for her, too. I just hope that Papa and I would be really to face the path that Dindin would want to take in the future. Right now, we will just have to prepare her in all aspects, especially spiritually and not just her talents.

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