Musical Therapy

I am now in my 9th week of pregnancy and although the fetus in my womb cannot yet hear because the ears are not completely developed, I have already started downloading music videos from You Tube that I can just play anytime.

It is the music therapy for my unborn child, something that I used to do with my daughter Dindin. I believe that it has contributed much to her being smart and advanced for her age. Some of the music that I used to listen to are symphonies by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Vivaldi. I liked them and it seems that the baby inside me loved them, too. But with Dindin, I think that she responded more when I played Vivaldi. She would move around rather strongly but not annoyingly when Vivaldi’s Four Seasons symphonies are being played.

It was pretty early when I started the music therapy with Dindin–I think I was only about 6 weeks pregnant. But well, it is never too late to do it for the next one.

Aside from intellectual stimulation, music therapy also makes for very musical children. Dindin loves to sing and dance and we can really see the potential in her. So I am trying to remember what we did to Dindin so that we can repeat the same with the second child.

Now, I am starting to wonder, will we have a baby girl or a boy? During our first, we wanted a boy but when we had a girl, we were fine because we intended to have another one. Now, we would really prefer a little boy for Dindin’s baby brother. But if not be blessed with one, we will still love the little one just the same. 😀

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