My Anniversary Gift for Hubby

Hubby with his new Superman shirt. 2XL. So if you want to give him a Superman shirt, that is his size. LOL

To say that hubby is a Superman fan is an understatement. And I am the ever supportive wife.

And a Superman shirt is his favorite gift. haha You just have to find something that they like. That is why I had to kneel on the display cabinet and look among the lowest piles of shirts to look for this design in his size because the guy manning the display was too lazy to look. Thankfully, I found one.

You may ask me why I support him in this? Well, this is really the only thing that hubby is interested in. He doesn’t have vices. And well, he has to buy clothes, right? So why not give him the shirts that he likes? hihihi He was really happy when we bought this shirt yesterday at Robinsons. I also found another nice design at the SM Store but they did not have his size. Too bad. I really liked it for hubby, too.

Happy Anniversary, Babe! I love you soooo much! 😀 xoxo God bless you and our marriage. More joys and love! 😀

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