My Attempt at Baking a Homemade Birthday Cake

birthday cake
My experimental homemade birthday cake for hubby's birthday.

My husband’s birthday is coming this month and I thought of making him a birthday cake. This is a simple carrot cake recipe. Okay, that is what happens when I have work but not too busy. I can think of many different things for the family.

So this is my first attempt. I made a layer of cake the size of 9″ x 10″. It was about an inch thick. Then I asked hubby to get me a pint of Pillsbury frosting from the grocery nearest us. But since Robinsons Supermarket did not have canned icing, I thought that my experiment would not be complete without icing.

I thought and thought and decided on making some custard sauce as topping. And it was good. That’s the reason why my cake looks yellow on top. It actually tastes good that I have decided to make two layers for my husband’s birthday and I will make the custard as the filling. Then I will just buy frosting from the store.

So what else shall I prepare for hubby? I am thinking of making spaghetti puttanesca and pizza for his birthday. Maybe my parents, his sister, and his cousins can come over for a simple meal. Except perhaps for the pasta and the pizza dough, everything will be homemade. hmmmm…What else would I make for dessert? Shall I also make macaroni salad? Hmmmm….Can I do all these in one day? hahahaha

Oh well, let’s see.

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