My Hubby’s Side

This is basically my blog and my take on our marriage.

But somehow, I think that it would be nice if Dennis can also make a post here or two about some of the things or happenings in our marriage, right?

The problem is, it takes a long time for him to be able to compose just a single article. He is a good writer if he wants to do it, because in the past he used to give me really nice love letters, but somehow he is a perfectionist–writing and re-writing things until he produces what he wants.

So I am not sure. I could open up the idea to him and I am sure that he will just agree to it but what I am not sure about is when he will be able to submit an article for posting in this blog.

Well, I just thought that it would be nice if there is a male touch here, right? We could have like a “He said, She said” kind of thing. Though we agree pretty much on most issues, of course, it would be nice to hear his side of the story, right?

Hmmmm…anyway, in another light, I am still on the lookout for a good gift for my beloved husband. I don’t have that much extra money here so for sure, it will not be an expensive thingy. But surely, it will be a memorable one. We have gone through a lot this year in our marriage and our family that I think my hubby deserves something special. I am just not sure what. And of course, there is limited budget to think of. Let’s wait and see. I have several days before Christmas comes.

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