My Husband is in Love with Two Women

Yes, it is a fact! My husband is in love with two women. And he should be.

Actually, he is talking about me and our daughter, Din. For the past week, it seems that the father and daughter are having a lover’s quarrel. Our daughter didn’t seem to like his company for more than week already.

You see our daughter was used to having both of us take care of her. But when my husband got busy with work, he was only around at night. It seemed that our two-month-old daughter would snub him when he is around. And when he carries her, she would cry so hard!

But last night, they became at peace with each other. The baby once again got comfortable in the arms of her father.

And today, as my husband sings love songs for my daughter and I, he feels like a lover whose love was accepted by a maiden. It was such a sweet sight! And my husband commented that he feels so in love today, looking at both our baby and me.

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