My Life in a Day

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Now, I have been thinking of what really goes on in my every single day. When I wake up in the morning, which is usually kinda late at around 9am, I do my personal effects, make a bottle for Dindin, and then get her to watch a video while she finishes her bottle. She is 3 years old now.

While she is having her morning bottle of milk, I try to catch up on some work or at least prepare what needs to be done for the day on my computer. When her video is done, which is about 20 or 30 minutes, I give her a bath. Then I would dress her up, give her vitamins, and clean her teeth. I get her on the video again so that I could take my bath. Sometimes, she just plays while the video is on–it’s like her radio.

After I am done taking a bath, she would most likely ask me to help her go to the potty to pee. I get dressed then get to work. After about 30-45 minutes, it is time for me to get lunch for her so that I can feed her in the bedroom. Yeah, she prefers to eat in the bedroom. When she is done eating, it is my turn to have lunch at the dining table outside.

You might ask why I feed Dindin inside the room. That is because she gets fussy outside and is highly unlikely to finish her food. Besides, the TV is on during lunchtime at the dining area and most of the time, we cover her eyes because the shows are not for her. And she does not like it. So she would rather avoid the situation.

After lunch, Dennis and I would still watch Law & Order: SVU on TV before going back inside the bedroom. Hubby tries to get Dindin to take a nap while I hit the computer to get some work done. Sometimes Dindin sleeps before 2pm (the time when hubby has to go back to work) and sometimes she doesn’t, so that leaves me to get her to sleep. When I join her in the bed, then it is most likely that I would also fall asleep.

We would wake up around 4pm, have some snacks and then play. Most of the time, Dindin plays by herself while I work. Then she would just interrupt me from time to time with her necessities. Around 7pm, I would prepare her food. My turn to have dinner is anywhere between 7:30-7:45pm. We go back to the room around 8:30pm. Hubby and I take turns giving her a bath and getting her into her sleep clothes. Thank God for that.

I would go back to the computer again and work until I can no longer do so. Sometimes at 12:30am, we would start watching SVU and then finish two episodes. So in the end, we sleep around 2am. hehe

Well, that has been my day for the last couple of weeks already as a work at home mom.

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