My Mother’s Birthday

Nanay celebrated her 55th birthday and this is the tarpaulin backdrop I prepared for her.

It is my mother’s birthday today and we are going to have a small party for family and close friends tonight at a restaurant with a function room nearby. My Nanay (that’s how I call her) is really excited.

We are only two in the family and my brother is not here so most of the preparations are on me. But that is fine because this is a rare occasion. Although we ordered a buffet dinner, I have cooked salad and dessert. I have also prepared the tarpaulin backdrop.

My brother could not come home for this event because of his work in Manila so I am thinking of maybe taking a video documentation of the event and just upload some excerpts on YouTube. He can then just get a free youtube downloader and watch it there. Or I can just post photos. Whatever. We will see.

Gotta go. I will have to do her make up and styling. hahaha


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