My Parents’ Anniversary 37th Anniversary

Tomorrow is my parents’ 37th wedding anniversary. Such a long time of being together, huh?

My parents’ lives had not been easy but they chose to stick it out with each other, raise our family, and keep it together. If I can just afford it, I would like to throw an anniversary bash to celebrate their marriage. But since money has been hard to come by, we will just visit them tomorrow and bring food so that we can share dinner together. I will do the cooking and then we will buy a small cake for a simple celebration. Though it may sound simple, but it also costs quite a lot for someone who does not earn a lot.

It is my dream, too that my husband and I would live long, happy, and contented lives and that we will also get to see our grandchildren. We already married late and our daughter is only a toddler now. In terms of building a family, we are just starting.

I am just so thankful that I have such a loving and understanding and thoughtful husband. He may not be materially rich, but I am full of his love. In fact, I am spoiled by his love. hahaha Oh and I would like to spoil him too. He likes gadgets so much, like the iPad, the Wii, the Magic Sing, and the iPhone. But if ever, I would like to get him the white iphone4 because I know that would really make him happy. Although he is not complaining or demanding, I know that something like that would be a real treat to him. We just can’t afford it right now.

Oh well, I am just thinking that someday, there will be newer and cheaper gadgets that will come out. And we have all the money that we can afford to buy what we need.

By the way, my husband caught a couple of doves last December during a wedding. They did not fly when released so they were easily captured. These birds were taken in by my parents and fed. When they wanted to release the birds from captivity, they no longer wanted to leave but instead made a home of our big mango tree. They are really cute.

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