My Parents’ Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. We went over to their home and brought food. We had pasta, roast chicken, and special bread.

This wasn’t a grand celebration as we really did not have a budget for a big party so we opted to celebrate the event in the most intimate way possible–with just our immediate family. And since we do not have a maid, the photo above was taken with the camera mounted on a tripod. 😀

Like any other family, ours is not perfect. We also have our share of ups and downs. But thank God that we had more happy moments than the sad ones. We are a small family and my brother is not here with us right now because he is working somewhere else. Nevertheless, we know that he is also celebrating with us this milestone in our parents’ marriage.

Staying together for such a long time is no easy feat. Putting two people together from different socio-cultural backgrounds under one roof could be a recipe for disaster. Add a dash or two of children in the mixture and you get a bowl of fruit salad. But what knits this family together is love and faith in God.

I praise God for my parents’ marriage and that they stuck to each other through thick and thin. They have seen so much hardship and if there is any way that I could ease their burden now, I would gladly do so.

My husband and I are also celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary next month. Our family is just starting and we are just looking forward to building more happy years together.

4 thoughts on “My Parents’ Anniversary

  1. happy anniversary tito and tita… may you reach 100th year wedding anniversary ;-D hihihi… miss you both!

  2. wow, happy anniversary to your parents + to you too 😉
    by the way sis, can i just make a small request, i saw my blog listed in your blogroll, thanks so much, only, if it isn’t too much, i wish you can edit my other blog’s name in your list. can you make it jared’s little corner and mumwrites. sorry for the confusion, TIA 🙂

  3. You have a beautiful family!
    My parents had thei 30th anniversary recently
    and I got them a beautiful pocket watch, and had
    it personaly engraved with “Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad, Love Avi”
    You find those type of watches over at Engravable Watches

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