My Preference for Pearl Jewelry

I like different kinds of jewelry. I like diamonds, gold, ruby (though I have yet to own a set) and pearls because each one has a different effect to the wearer. I think that diamonds and rubies are very elegant while pearls are very dainty and delicate.

Last month, thanks to Jade of Diva Fabulosa and Beauty and Fashion Diva, I now have a long strand pearl necklace that I have been wanting to have for a long time now but couldn’t bring myself to buy.

A long strand pearl necklace made of cultured pearls from Jade of Diva Fabulosa

And then last week, while we were at SM, I saw this set of pearl choker necklace and its matching pearl bracelet at the Kultura display inside the department store. It was love at first sight. It is made of small siopao pearls. It was made of several layers but there is nothing ostentatious about it. It is so elegant and classic. It was on 20% off so both items cost P1,100. It is not cheap but not so expensive either. I thought of buying these things for myself as a reward for all the hard work these past months. I just thought of having a remembrance. But now, I would like to collect pearl jewelry! weeeee hahaha Anyway, isn’t it lovely? My husband was agreeable when I bought it. He must think that I deserved the treat. hehehe Right, babe? hahaha

This is my new set of pearl necklace and bracelet.

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