Negros Power Franchise: Another Step Closer To A Brighter Future

Negros Power Franchise Bill - Congress - Senate - Bacolod City - Central Negros Occidental - brighter future

The path to a reliable and efficient power distribution in Central Negros is becoming clearer. The House of Representatives has adopted the amended Senate version of House Bill 9805. This bill grants a franchise to Negros Electric and Power Corporation (NEPC). On May 22, the House Committee on Legislative Franchises and the bill’s authors showed their support by having no objections to the Senate’s amendments. This significant step ensures that the bill moves forward, bypassing the need for a Bicameral Conference Committee to reconcile any conflicting provisions. The next stop for the bill is the Office of the President, where it awaits potential signing into law.

Empowering Negros with NEPC

Once signed into law, the franchise will allow NEPC to take over the power distribution services in Central Negros. Primelectric Holdings Inc entered into a joint venture agreement or JVA with Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) and formed NEPC. Member consumers approved this through a plebiscite around the third quarter of 2023. This change will impact several areas, including Bacolod, Silay, Talisay, and Bago cities, as well as the municipalities of Murcia and Don Salvador Benedicto. The transition promises a more reliable and efficient power distribution system, addressing long-standing issues faced by consumers in these areas.

Benefits of the New Franchise

  1. Enhanced Reliability: NEPC’s entry into the power distribution sector aims to reduce the frequency and duration of power outages. Residents and businesses can look forward to a more stable power supply.
  2. Improved Customer Service: NEPC is expected to introduce better customer service practices. This includes faster response times to power issues and more effective communication channels.
  3. Economic Growth: Reliable electricity is crucial for economic activities. With a dependable power supply, businesses can operate more efficiently, potentially attracting more investments to the region, especially Bacolod City.
  4. Lower Power Rates: NEPC plans to implement more competitive power rates. By buying from renewable energy sources which are cheaper. NEPC can reduce operational costs, passing these savings on to consumers.
  5. Sustainable Energy Solutions: NEPC’s commitment to renewable energy sources will not only help lower power rates but also promote environmental sustainability. Utilizing renewable energies, NEPC aims to provide cleaner and more cost-effective power solutions.

Positive Reception

The swift adoption of the Senate’s amendments by the House is evidence of the broad support for this initiative. Lawmakers recognize the urgent need for improved power distribution services in Central Negros.

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Negros Power team at the recently concluded 1st Renewable Energy Week held at the Ayala Malls Capitol Central in Bacolod City.

Next Steps for the Negros Power Franchise

The bill now heads to the Office of the President. If signed into law, NEPC, Primelectric’s joint venture with CENECO will officially take over the power distribution in Central Negros.

The adoption of the Senate version of the Negros Power franchise bill by the House of Representatives marks a pivotal moment for Central Negros. This step brings the region closer to a future with more reliable and efficient power distribution. The involvement of NEPC is set to transform the power landscape, benefiting both residents and businesses. As the bill awaits the President’s signature, the people of Negros can look forward to brighter and more stable days ahead.

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