Negros Power: Ready to Serve Bacolod and Central Negros with MORE Power’s Expertise

Negros Power - MORE Power vehicles- Bacolod City Government Center - Iloilo City

Negros Electric and Power Corporation (Negros Power) is eager and excited to serve Bacolod City and Central Negros. This enthusiasm is bolstered by the invaluable support from MORE Power, their sister company. MORE Power brings its expertise and capabilities to ensure the success of Negros Power’s operations in the franchise area.

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It’s so exciting to see these MORE Power vehicles in Bacolod City. This means that Negros Power is moving and operations are going to start soon!

MORE Power’s Support

A team from MORE Power has embarked on a mission to augment and support Negros Power’s upcoming operations. They came in a fleet of vehicles along with the tools they might need. They are ready to collaborate, share best practices, and provide essential training. This collaboration aims to ensure a seamless response to consumer concerns and a smooth operational start.

About MORE Power

MORE Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) is a reputable electric distribution utility serving Iloilo City. Known for its innovative approaches and commitment to improving electrical services, MORE Power focuses on modernizing infrastructure, enhancing reliability, and ensuring customer satisfaction. One of their key achievements is successfully lowering power rates by sourcing power from renewable energy suppliers, optimizing operational efficiencies, and reducing system losses. As a result, MORE Power boasts one of the lowest power rates in the region, making electricity more affordable for consumers. This success sets a high benchmark for Negros Power to emulate.

Video Release: A Message of Readiness

Negros Power has released a video highlighting this partnership. The video showcases the fleet from MORE Power embarking on their mission. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration and innovation in shaping a sustainable and reliable electric distribution system.

The video caption reads, “Handa na kami nga magserbisyo sa inyo. Dali na lang gid!” This translates to “We are ready to serve you. It’s just a matter of time.”

Operational Timeline

Negros Power is the new distribution utility (DU) set to serve the cities of Bacolod, Talisay, Silay, and Bago, as well as the municipalities of Murcia and Salvador Benedicto in Central Negros. The franchise approval is in its final stages, needing only the president’s signature. Negros Power anticipates starting operations by the third quarter of this year.

Commitment to Consumers

Negros Power and MORE Power’s teams will work hand in hand. Their combined efforts will ensure a reliable and efficient service for the consumers. Their dedication to providing excellent service underscores their commitment to the community.

Negros Power stands ready to light up Bacolod and Central Negros with a brighter, more reliable future.

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