New Business: Trampoline for Rent

PhotobucketMy husband and I joined with another couple, Daphne and Ian, as we start on this new venture–renting out a trampoline. We like the fact that the trampoline is a non-edible thing, that means there is no expiration. And we are sharing it with trusted friends so we are just happy to start this. We like the trampoline because our kids, especially Dindin, like jumping so much. So if we will open it for a fee in a public place, then they, too, can just for some time. hihi It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

But well, we need to find clients fast so that we can recoup our initial investment fast and also so that we can buy another one. We are really praying that this new business can give us some extra income. The four of us have been looking for ways and means to improve our income because our families have growing needs. We both each have a daughter but even then, we need to pay for so many stuff. So we need to increase our income further.

Maybe the four of us can also get on the trampoline for fitness. I learned over the internet that the exercises on a trampoline are called rebounding and has actually a lot of benefits. It strengthens the muscles, especially that of the legs, improves circulation, and over all resistance. And at least, unlike other sports like golf where you would need a garmin gps for golf, you don’t even need nice shoes for this one. The trampoline is virtually maintenance-free, so it is really nice.

Praying for God’s favor on this! 😀

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