New Goals, Vision, and Direction

Countless times in my many blogs I have expressed my desire to have our own house. It is not that I am not happy where we are right now, it is because there is a longing in me to settle in a place that we can call our own. And also maybe because it is a sense of achievement.

Hubby and I have sort of come to an agreement lately that we will hold off on expenses as much as we can, earn as much as we can, and save as much as we can. While we do not yet have concrete plans as to the purchase of a house, we are saving towards it so that when we need to, we will have down payment, or even full payment, ready when the opportunity arises.

While there may be forthcoming needs, such as Dindin’s schooling and may be some training that we need to undergo in the coming months, we are looking forward to budgeting our income and scheduling our expenses so that we can make way for them.

We thank God for His grace in all these developments. We believe that there is nothing too late in God’s plan and we trust in Him. We just have to listen closely to what He has to say, much like using excellentaudio interface logic, and learning His thoughts along the way.

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