New House for my Friend

My friend’s new house is almost done and I am sooo happy for her. She had been dreaming of having their own house and being able to live independently with her own family for the longest time. And I am so happy for her that finally, her dream is coming true.

I think they just need the finishing touches on the walls and they can already move in. That is part of the contract with the real estate company. But my friend still wants to have a fence around it for security before they really make the actual transfer because it is kinda hard for them, especially that her husband is not home regularly because of his job. At least they will be a bit more secure if they have a fence around the perimeter.

Thankfully, their house is just one level and don’t have a basement. Otherwise, they would really need to buy special materials for Waterproofing Basement Walls. This is really important, otherwise, you will just be surprised where the rots in the house come from.

In our case, we still live with my in-laws. For now that is okay. Last time, there was this unsettling feeling that I would really like to have a house of our own. But for now, we would rather concentrate on our business and make it grow so that we will have money to support our family. I am just happy that my friends already have homes of their own. Ours will come eventually.

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