New Profession: Proposal Planner

We are really in serious trouble. Now, there is a new profession–the proposal planner.

The other day, I just wrote about how we should put more preparation into our marriage than in the wedding. But now, I read that aside from wedding planners, you can now hire proposal planners.

Let’s face it, women love fairy tales and romance novels. We (that includes me) like the feeling of getting swept off our feet by our prince charming, to be offered with sugar and spice, as well as a sparkling diamond ring as he pops the question, “Will you marry me?” It makes them feel really special…and loved.

I read that these proposal planners can whip up lavish scenarios for the proposal alone and it can cost as much as the wedding itself. Wow! Imagine that!

Seriously, I think we are so lost. I that we need something like gps vehicle tracking so that we will find our way into the marriage puzzle.

I also like fairy tales and nice stuff. But we should really focus on more important things. These events are just temporary, but we should work to make our marriages work. Seriously.

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