No Halloween Parties for Dindin

When we went to the malls recently, I saw that several aisles at the Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, and Toy World are all strewn with Halloween costumes. There were fairy costumes, angel costumes, butterfly get up, elf clothes, witch garb and hat, sorcerer’s robe and hat, pirate costumes, and those zombie hats.

I did not really take it seriously until I went home and thought why the toy stores suddenly took out all their costumes for display. The items were not on sale but they were piled like they were displayed at a flea market. They are all made of good quality materials and they look realistic, like those Halloween props that look really scary. When you happen to pass by a display and the lights are dimmed, you would really jump at how scary their presentations are.

Then it hit me–Halloween is coming! Many kids (and parents, too) are excited about Halloween because they can play dress up and participate in parlor games and win prizes from malls, homeowner’s clubs, and offices that hold an annual Halloween party. They enjoy trick or treat and the parade of costumes that usually happens at the mall. They get to win prizes for that and get some exposure.

But sometimes, with all the revelry that comes with the event, we fail to look into the deeper meaning of why celebrate it. The scary things and the symbols related to Halloween are all pagan in origin. As a Christian, we should not take part of it.

Honestly, I don’t openly campaign against Halloween because a lot of my friends enjoy this. But I guess if I don’t speak out, who will, right? Forgive me if you enjoy these scary parties as well as the horror movies, but the reality is there. You can ask me for reading materials about this and find out why I don’t want my daughter Dindin to take part in Halloween parties.

2 thoughts on “No Halloween Parties for Dindin

  1. Sajahan ko mag trick or treat…hehe… Pero i also agree with u nang… Tani change na lg nila ang halloween na concept… Pero may treats of candies gypun..hehe…

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