Not a New Pair of Eye Glasses

Last Saturday, my husband had a sticker installation job at the clinic of his friend who is an optician. He asked me if I would like to go with him but I declined because I still had things to do and our daughter was not prepped up for the day if we were to go.

But I regretted that decision because for the last two days, I am getting blurry vision. I am not sure if it is the lack of sleep or because I need a new pair of eye glasses! Waaaa Oh no, I hope it does not mean I have to change eye glasses!

You see, I am already wearing one (which I only need whenever I am working) so if ever I really need one then I can just use the old frame and get new lenses. But even that would mean another expense. So for the last two nights, I slept well before midnight, hoping that the blurry vision would go away. I am feeling a little better and I hope I would not need a change of lenses.

If anything I would like a new pair of stylish sunglasses with my prescription so that at least I can see better while I am wearing shades on a sunny day. I just cannot leave home during the day without dark glasses because the glare causes me a nasty migraine.

Now, I am still observing if the blurry vision continues. I hope it just goes away with ample rest. I need the rest anyway, not just for my vision but also for my sanity. It seems I have been having a lot of neuroses lately because of lack of sleep.

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