Our 6th Anniversary

Our marriage in photos. 😀

Wow! It may not be a long time for others who have stayed in their marriage for 30 or more years, but for us, this is already quite a feat.

For a couple who has struggled with personality differences, God’s molding continues in our individual lives, in our relationship as a married couple, and in our growing family. Right now, our eldest Dindin is already 4 years old and I am already 6 months heavy with our second daughter. 😀

But we can only thank God for His fresh daily grace in our lives. We can only thank God for the love that we share and the commitment and fidelity that we maintain.

For our 6th anniversary, I have prepared this simple collage for hubby. It shows the chronology of our marriage taken every month of May since 2007. The photos may not be taken on the same day, but they mark the significant moments in our lives. Oh, except for the 2013 photo. This was taken last March, but this was a significant event for us because this is the first time that we became godparents to our friends’ wedding. 😀

Our anniversary will fall on May 27, so I will make another post about it. hehe

I love you Babe! 😀 God couldn’t have given me a better man. 😀 I am not expecting a grand date or a grand gift–the fact that you are still here with me is gift enough. 😀

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