Our 8th Anniversary at Kuya J Restaurant Bacolod

It’s 2016 already and it won’t be long now until we celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary and still I haven’t blogged about our 8th anniversary dinner last May 27. haha

Kuya J Restaurant
Hubby and I during our 8th anniversary dinner at Kuya J Restaurant. It was a casual dinner, but one that we hold dear because we were able to go out on a date. 😀 It’s not always, you know.

Kuya J Restaurant was relatively new here in Bacolod when we visited them. I remember eating at the original Kuya J Restaurant in Cebu when I was still single and how I loved their home-cooked dishes that I was so excited to try it here.

But the Kuya J Restaurant is not the same anymore. Actually, it has leveled up because it is now offering franchises nationwide and with that, they need to systematize everything. Most of their main dishes are still there but they have greatly improved especially in presentation.

 Kuya J Restaurant sinuglaw
Sinuglaw — grilled pork and fish kinilaw. A specialty at Kuya J Restaurant.
Kuya J Restaurant Cheesy bake scallops
Cheesy bake scallops at Kuya J Restaurant.

Hubby and I ordered their signature sinuglaw (pork sinugba mixed in fish kinilaw), cheesy baked scallops, chorizo fried rice, and crispy tadyang ng baka. Everything tasted good, albeit oily. We regretted ordering the tadyang because it was also fried. The chorizo rice was rather oily, too, but you can have it adjusted because the next time we went there, we ordered that and specifically told the waiter to tell the kitchen staff to reduce the oil for frying, which they did. And the chorizo rice turned out beautifully.

Chorizo Rice at Kuya J Restaurant
Chorizo Rice at Kuya J Restaurant.
Crispy tadyang at Kuya J Restaurant
Crispy tadyang at Kuya J Restaurant. This is flavorful and tender. Loved it!

Anyway, aside from the oiliness, everything was in order. Our server was friendly and our orders arrived fast. The price, of course, is not as easy on the budget as it was back in their old operations in Cebu (obviously), but still reasonable. It is especially nice to come here in big groups because you can order more kinds of dishes and just share them. Hubby and I were so full after this meal because there were only the two of us who had to finish everything.

Kuya J Restaurant of Cebu
Kuya J Restaurant of Cebu now at SM City Bacolod.
Kuya J Restaurant
I love the nice, bright, and orderly interior at Kuya J Restaurant.

After our dinner, we lingered around at the mall until we reached the 3rd floor of SM City Bacolod and discovered Buon Gelato there. We ordered the frozen yogurt and I fell in love with it.

We don’t often go out on dates no matter how much we want to because of responsibilities at home. We are thankful now that we already have a part-time baby sitter who can join us at night and help us with the nighttime chores. Since we can trust her with the kids, hubby and I can now go out from time to time, as long as we have the budget for it (but in most cases, it is the time that we lack). She has been one of our biggest blessings last year. And she is still with us now. 😀

Looking back, I can only thank God for the eight wonderful, bittersweet years. The road had been tough but God’s grace, as always, saw us through. Looking forward now to many more blissful years for our marriage. Love you much, Papa!

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