Our Dream Home

The world is now in such a decay. In my own little way, I would like to help avert the destruction of our environment especially in my own home.

Right now, we are still living with my parents in law. But if I have the means, I will have our own house, but it will be in the suburbs. I will probably have a 3000-square-meter lot with a small house and big garden with lots of trees and plants. I would like to contribute to the production of oxygen and not contribute to the production of polluted air.

I will hire professional tree maintenance services to do a fine job of taking care of my trees. I would have at least 5 fruit-bearing trees like mango, lanzones, rambutan, duhat, and santol within the property, but I will have Indian trees line up the perimeter of the area. And I will also have a couple of Eucalyptus trees while gmelina trees would line my driveway.

Then I would have a makeshift greenhouse with organically grown vegetables so that we will eat only the freshest organic vegetables at home. I will also have a sprawling garden with a pond and lots of different colored flowers so that my children can play in the afternoons and enjoy the sight of beautiful flowers at any given day of the year.

Those are part of my dreams and imaginings.

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