Our Fifth Anniversary Celebration Was a Whole-Day Affair

Seven years as an exclusively dating couple and five years married. Wow! That means Dennis and I had been together for 12 years now!

Honestly, I had not really planned anything grand for the day of our wedding anniversary. If anything, we just thought of having dinner at Kuidaore Yakiniku at Singcang, Bacolod City because they have an eat-all-you-can yakiniku offering.

Fifth Wedding Anniversary Today

But well, here was how our day went. It was a Sunday so my husband had the liberty to sleep in. That is his only day off. Oftentimes, I also wake up late because on Saturday evenings, I usually work and work because I can’t sleep.

No time for food preps. The breakfast in bed looked like a lot because we shared the meal in the same plate. weee hehe

Today, however, I was able to wake up early. When I went out the helper already cooked hotdogs and so I thought of serving Dennis his breakfast in bed. I cooked fried rice and omelet and then prepared his cup of coffee. So naturally, he was happy to wake up to the aroma of his breakfast. I remember him telling me in the past that he missed my preparing his breakfast during those times when I got so busy at work. So that was a plus one for me. Hehe

We went to Dindin’s Sunday school and when we came back, I cooked beef rendang for him. I placed it on a platter and presented it to him—that was my anniversary gift for him. He got to eat before everyone else and he was very happy. Yup, I did not get him an item but I cooked a dish that he really loved and had been asking me to. This dish reminded us of a trip to the missions field that we took before we got married. It took five years for me to cook it for him. And he was really happy. I will more about Beef Rendang in the following post.

Cooking beef rendang was my anniversary gift to Dennis.

We were so full from our lunch that we decided to forego the Yakiniku date. Instead, we settled for a movie date. Dennis and Dindin took a nap while I worked. When he woke up, we went to SM Cinema in order to catch the late afternoon screening of Men in Black 3.We bought fries from Potato Corner, popcorn from KettleCorn and tall shakes from Zagu. Needless to say, we were so happy with the movie and our snacks that we came out full—both our tummies and hearts. We did not watch a romantic comedy film but since we both like MIB, that was already a special treat for us.

After the movie, we realized that we were both wearing black and so we had our photos taken in front of the MIB3 ad. Weeee

Thank God for the five years that He blessed us with. Praying for more happy and fruitful years together.

Men in Black 3. What are we? Couple in black. No, we did not talk about this. LOL

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